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Have the Palestinians Tied Israel’s Hands?

Thursday, December 27, 2012 | Elizabeth Blade –

121227_palvictoriesOn Sunday, several foreign and Israeli news outlets reported that the radical Gaza-based group Hamas was preparing to take over the West Bank, determined to oust the current Western-backed Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

According to reports, the Islamists were emboldened by their recent war with Israel and the alleged victory that followed.

Militants claimed that Israel failed to cripple their ability (and will) to launch attacks against civilian targets, with some going as far as to suggest that Hamas left the battleground if not victorious, then at least stronger diplomatically. The movement was also encouraged by the absence of a full-scale ground invasion that could easily have toppled the Hamas regime.

To add insult to injury, Israel’s government agreed (as part of the ceasefire deal) to eliminate the so-called “no man’s land”, a buffer zone beyond Israel’s security fence along the Gaza border. The removal of this cordon sanitaire not only left the Jewish state more vulnerable to attacks by Hamas and other terrorists, but will also invited “publicity stunts” by various non-governmental organizations under the direction of Hamas.

Israel Won, Hamas Was Defeated

Nevertheless, there are some who view the recent Israeli operation as successful, and who insist that it was Hamas that suffered defeat.

Prof. Hillel Frisch, an expert on Palestinian and Islamic politics from the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, says Operation Pillar of Cloud achieved maximum deterrence. “It has been the first time since 2001 that [Hamas] ceased all fire. They marked the end of the war on the national calendar and declared it a holiday, but the truth is that they were defeated.”

The expert added: “After realizing that their tactics of shooting rockets into Israel was no longer working, Hamas decided to pursue other, to their mind, more effective means of harassing Israel, one of which was staging mass demonstrations near the [security] fence.”

Indeed, two days after the sides agreed to a ceasefire on November 21st, a group of 300 Palestinians approached the fence in the southern Gaza Strip and held a violent disturbance along the border. The army had to use force to disperse the crowds, killing one Palestinian and injuring several others. Another Palestinian was killed in similar developments several days later.

Hamas Won, Israel Failed

Others, such as Dimitri Diliani, spokesman for Abbas’ Fatah movement, insisted Israel had utterly failed in the recent Gaza conflict.

“Compared to other Israeli wars [where the country achieved measurable results], the recent operation was not fruitful. It failed to achieve the goals declared by the government, mainly to cripple Hamas’ ability to launch rockets into the state of Israel,” said Diliani.

Referring to Hamas’ victory claims, Diliani agreed that although the Palestinian people were dealt a severe blow (the amount of military and civilians losses on the Palestinian side was much higher), they did create the sense of succeeding to defeat the powerful Israeli army on a moral (or even psychological) level.

“In a way, it is a victory for all Palestinian people suffering at the hands of the Israeli occupation [sic],” the Palestinian official continued. “At the same time, Hamas has been trying to take the credit for all the achievements to itself, which is fundamentally wrong, considering the many political factions within the Strip that participated in defending Gaza during the Israeli aggression.”

Friends in High(er) Places

Frisch tried to explain the motivation behind Hamas’ bold bragging: “Hamas allows itself such liberties because it feels backed by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.”

Referring to the recent apparent nosedive in Hamas-Egypt relations, Frisch noted, “On the one hand, it might look as if Egypt chose to scrap its ties with the terrorist organization. On the other hand, Egypt is trying to reassure Hamas that the cool-down in relations is only temporary. After achieving their ultimate goal of establishing theocracy, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood will start bolstering Hamas again.”

According to Frisch, Hamas understood that Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood first had to take care of business at home without overly alarming the international community. “Morsi thus compelled Hamas to accept a complete ceasefire, something that Hamas refused to do since it began launching rockets in 2001.”

However, Egypt is far from being the only country to support the militant group. It is no longer a secret that Hamas is also backed by Iran (main weapons’ provider) and the Gulf states (particularly Qatar).

Ripple Effect

Encouraged by Hamas gains, the Abbas regime decided to move ahead with its own battle against Israel, this time on a diplomatic level. At the end of November, Abbas approached the United Nations’ General Assembly asking the international body to upgrade his government’s status from “entity” to “observer state.” The request was granted with 138 members (out of 193) voting in favor.

But was Abbas motivated by a genuine desire to change things? Experts seem to be divided.

“The UN bid gave the Palestinians the feeling that a Palestinian state would soon come into being,” said Frisch. “The Palestinian Authority doesn’t enjoy much credibility in the West Bank,” added the expert suggesting that the move was aimed at boosting Abbas’ popularity.

Gatestone Institute, an international policy think tank, echoed this view, stating that Abbas’ UN drive was “… the last chance for Mahmoud Abbas to remain in charge. In recent weeks he has been phoning around the foreign ministries of Europe explaining that if they don’t back him this time in the non-state statehood bid, then it is all over and all we have to deal with is Hamas…”

Diliani disagreed, stressing that the move was dictated by the desire to pursue peace, freedom and justice.

“It actually nullified the Israeli right-wing agenda to expand settlements under the pretext of land disputes,” he charged. “UN recognition provided Palestinians the tools to defend themselves from Israel’s settlement activity or targeted killing.”

Slippery Slope

Although the upgrade didn’t change things on the ground, the UN’s overwhelming support did embolden Abbas, who was given a green light to pursue additional unilateral measures instead of sitting down for talks with Israel that could translate into painful concessions on both sides.

In Israel, however, most experts and top brass disregarded Abbas’ move saying it was insignificant.

Diliani rebuked that position: “[Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu is not interested in admitting defeat, especially at election time. That’s why he spreads this propaganda, trying to marginalize the importance of the Palestinian victory, when the truth of the matter is that Israel was dealt a severe diplomatic blow that exposed its international isolation as a result of the continuation of occupation.”

Hamas-Fatah Unity = Trouble For Israel

Although it is too early to tell whether the UN upgrade will result in significant changes, Abbas’ flirting with Hamas might. Recent reports suggested that a reunion between Fatah and Hamas (two staunch rivals) was on the horizon.

The Palestinian street seems to be favoring the move. Thousands took to the streets in the Gaza Strip to celebrate Abbas’ victory at the UN, whereas crowds in the West Bank rallied in support of Hamas, celebrating the fact that its rockets had struck as far as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

What could this potential union mean for Israel? Simply put: trouble.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders are already preparing for the next round of fighting with Israel, promising that “in the next war, Israelis will be forced to flee not only their homes, but the whole country”. Fatah is also reading itself for a possible confrontation, with some leaders calling for a new intifada [uprising] against Israel, especially in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem.

Can Israel Divide and Conquer?

But Frisch was skeptical. “I doubt that Fatah will ever want to reunite with Hamas. Abbas and those around him are scared of Hamas’ potential take-over the West Bank. Although many Palestinians don’t support Hamas, Fatah leaders are afraid of the organization’s strong desire to take control and the ruthlessness with which they are able to do so,” stressed the expert.

Diliani rebutted those allegations and claimed Hamas was too scared of Fatah’s growing popularity: “So far, Hamas has failed the people, they have proven to be incompetent to govern, let alone lead politically. Fatah and Hamas are not going to be united. Reconciliation is possible and highly desirable; unity is not. We might have serious disagreements on the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but that won’t prevent us from sitting down for talks.”

But if this reunion (or even reconciliation) does take place, will Israel be willing to negotiate with Hamas? Have Hamas and Fatah manage to tie Israel’s hands this time? Time will tell…



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Netanyahu: We aren’t finished with Hamas

120723_kadimasplitIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday warned the Hamas terror group that it shouldn’t get too comfortable following what many saw as a premature end to Israel’s military campaign in Gaza last month.

“We inflicted a very heavy blow” in response to Hamas’ rocket fire on southern Israel, Netanyahu told Israel’s Channel 10 News. “We destroyed almost all of their long-range rockets. But I’m telling you that the Israeli army is preparing to strike a still heavier blow. Our account with Hamas is not closed.”

The remarks came as part of a round of media interviews ahead of next month’s general election. Netanyahu is trying to position himself and his Likud Party as the very best choice for Israelis who are concerned about their security.

Netanyahu was also asked about his peace agenda following the election (all polls indicate that Netanyahu will be Israel’s next prime minister), and if he intends to reopen negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

“If we have a peace partner,” was the Israeli leader’s response.

Netanyahu noted that in the first several years of his current premiership, he tried to conduct peace talks, but was constantly rebuffed by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

“You should ask Abbas why he refuses to negotiate,” Netanyahu summed up.

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Mahmoud Abbas’ duplicitous recognition of Israel

In addition to making Abbas’ words ring rather hollow, these two points again reinforce why it’s important to pay attention to what Palestinian leaders say in Arabic, and take what they say in English with a major “pinch of salt.”

Thursday, December 13, 2012 |  Ryan Jones –

img292336Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas this week insisted that his government had already fulfilled its obligation to recognize Israel back in 1993. But a few problems with Abbas’ position were immediately noted.

Following meetings with the Turkish government in Ankara on Thursday, Abbas told reporters (in English) that he does not agree with recent remarks by Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal rejecting recognition of Israel, “because we, in fact, recognized it in 1993.”

Abbas’ went on to note that Mashaal and Hamas recognize Israel’s existence, too, as they have signed on to Palestinian government documents that acknowledge a two-state solution.

The Palestinian leader’s words were meant to counteract harsh criticism from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over his failure earlier in the week to condemn the anti-Israel rhetoric coming from Hamas. But the duplicitous nature of Abbas’ words was not lost on Israelis.

First, Abbas cleverly continued to refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist, and especially its right to exist as a national homeland for the Jewish people in their ancient land. Without that level of recognition, Israel’s leadership rightly argues that the stage remains set for future conflict.

Second, Abbas’ own Fatah party this week chose a celebratory logo for its 48th anniversary that includes a map of the entire land of Israel being replaced by “Palestine.”

In addition to making Abbas’ words ring rather hollow, these two points again reinforce why it’s important to pay attention to what Palestinian leaders say in Arabic, and take what they say in English with a major “pinch of salt.”


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Abbas ‘Victory Speech’: Jerusalem ‘Eternal Capital of Palestine’

“One day, a young Palestinian will raise the Palestinian flag over Jerusalem,” he vowed, “the eternal capital of the state of Palestine!”

By Chana Ya’ar

First Publish: 12/2/2012, 2:58 PM  Arutz Sheva7
PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas Sunday promised someday the PA flag would fly over “Jerusalem, eternal capital of the state of Palestine.”

Thousands of people greeted Abbas rapturously upon his return from the United Nations, where the GeneralAssembly granted the PLO, representing the PA, upgraded status as a nonmember observer state.

“Raise your heads high, because you are Palestinians!” Abbas told the joyous crowd, waving PA flags in the PA capital of Ramallah, located in Samaria.

“You have proof that you are stronger than the occupation, because you are Palestinians… stronger than the settlements, because you are Palestinians.

“We were threatened with punishment and sanctions from various sides,” Abbas continued, in a reference to attempts by the United States and Israel to dissuade him from proceeding with the application.

“And if we had listened to those threats we wouldn’t have gone to the U.N.

“One day, a young Palestinian will raise the Palestinian flag over Jerusalem,” he vowed, “the eternal capital of the state of Palestine!”


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He That Sits In The Heavens Is Laughing!

Shalom beloved Prayer Warriors and Lovers of Israel!

Today is the 29 of November, the Historical Day when the UN decided to recognize Israel as a Jewish State in the Land of Israel in 1947. And today the Decision will be made if to recognize the Islamic, terror state of “Palestine”. The enemy is laughing and mocking the very existence of the State of Israel and thus he is mocking the God of Israel Himself.

Pray Psalm 2 and Psalm 83

This is a direct affront against the Almighty!

As Abu Mazen is right now in the UN and according to the latest news the UN is planned to say a resounding YES to the Palestinians. Their purpose is to get “observer” status in the UN so they can take Israel to the International Criminal Court for war crimes during all the wars that Israel had to fight to defend its existence.

Israel has been quite passive about all this as if there is nothing we can do to stop this move. It is not really a surprise that this is happening at this point after the “mock cease fire” imposed by Egypt and USA on Israel after Pillar of Cloud Operation in Gaza.

According to the Moslem Hudna, the best time to advance and conquer is when your enemy shows weakness.

When Israel agreed to this ridiculous, artificial and deceptive cease fire with Terror after Pillar of Cloud it showed the Palestinians that Israel is weak so it is time to attack politically, a typical Amalek Move.

Why is Israel so passive and quiet about this move? What did PM Benjamin Netanyahu promise to Obama? What did Obama promise to Israel? Quite a mystery.

Why are even nations like Australia and even UK that were going to say “no” to this move of the Palestinians to be recognized as a State have now decided to support it?

Beloved we are fast approaching Zechariah 12 where all nations come against Jerusalem. At first it is a “political move” to force Israel to relinquish its sovereignty over Jerusalem so the UN will have to get in and rule.

The issue is that YHVH promises a terrible judgment to all the nations involved in supporting the enemies of Israel.

Genesis 12:3, Zechariah 2, Joel 3, Zechariah 12 and more.

At this serious point in time it is better to be on the side of Israel and the God of Israel more than ever.

“Pray and Act for the shalom and the well being of Jerusalem, they will experience well being and prosperity those who love Israel in Action!” Paraphrased from Psalm 122:6

Pray for YHVH’s laughter to be heard loud and clear all over the UN and the world today! (Psalm 2)

In Yeshua’s name! We praise the Almighty whose promises are true and who is standing in Heaven until all of Israel is restored and Messiah Yeshua returns to Jerusalem to rule and reign all the nations from the Temple Mount with a rod of iron.

The one who laughs last is the one that count! Go ahead and blow your shofars in the nations for the deliverance of Israel from this trap, let your voices as Sons and Daughters of the King be heard loud and clear in prayer, public speaking, in writing and through every means as you join the Creator in declaring:

“For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent” Isaiah 62:1

For the King’s Glory
Bishop Dominiquae Bierman


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A Dangerous Cease Fire

Posted on November 25, 2012 on Israelgpm

Shalom beloved prayer warriors and lovers of Israel.

We thank all of you for your seriousness and faithfulness to pray for Israel.

Today we received a report that the young Israeli soldiers that are guarding the fence with Gaza City and Hamas have their hands totally tied! Every day since the cease fire there have been hundreds and even thousands of Palestinians and among them Hamas terrorists in uniform, gather right at the fence threatening and taunting the IDF soldiers!

Some soldiers reported anonymously that the situation is so serious, that they are not able to protect the Israeli villages around Gaza or even themselves from any kind of attack or violence.

IDF soldiers are not even allowed to shoot in the air in order to deter the Gazans from crossing the fence and infiltrating Israel! This situation is already seen by Hamas as weakness from the side of Israel and it is only a matter of time before some tragedy happens to these young soldiers or some Israeli farmer that is working the land near the fence! We are greatly concerned for their safety and we ask you to pray for them! The mockery from the side of Hamas is big.

Please pray Genesis 21:8-11

The government if Israel has signed a cease fire dictated by Mursi, the President of Egypt that completely ties Israel’s hands! In other words it is a unilateral cease fire, while the other side can bend the rules with no repercussion.

Mursi is already paying the price for his stand against Israel with this mock cease fire, the Egyptian stock exchange has dropped 10 percent and this is unprecedented and causes great financial trouble! Until Mursi’s intervention on behalf of Hamas their stock exchange had gone up 30 percent! Genesis 12:3
Pray Psalm 2 and 3

Blessings from Zion!

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Photo Fraud in Gaza

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