Netanyahu: We aren’t finished with Hamas

25 Dec

120723_kadimasplitIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday warned the Hamas terror group that it shouldn’t get too comfortable following what many saw as a premature end to Israel’s military campaign in Gaza last month.

“We inflicted a very heavy blow” in response to Hamas’ rocket fire on southern Israel, Netanyahu told Israel’s Channel 10 News. “We destroyed almost all of their long-range rockets. But I’m telling you that the Israeli army is preparing to strike a still heavier blow. Our account with Hamas is not closed.”

The remarks came as part of a round of media interviews ahead of next month’s general election. Netanyahu is trying to position himself and his Likud Party as the very best choice for Israelis who are concerned about their security.

Netanyahu was also asked about his peace agenda following the election (all polls indicate that Netanyahu will be Israel’s next prime minister), and if he intends to reopen negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

“If we have a peace partner,” was the Israeli leader’s response.

Netanyahu noted that in the first several years of his current premiership, he tried to conduct peace talks, but was constantly rebuffed by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

“You should ask Abbas why he refuses to negotiate,” Netanyahu summed up.

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