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Februar 18 2013

Israel faces existential economic threat, too!

Israel Today

Outgoing Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer this week stated that Israel has one of the strongest and most resilient economies in the world. However, Israel is facing a very serious existential threat… well, many existential threats, really, but one of those threats is the economy itself. Israel is a fully welfare state, and there are two large sectors – the ultra-Orthodox Jews and the Arabs – which largely do not contribute to the mainstream workforce or pay taxes. The other 70 percent of the population is left to carry the financial burden of the state…. and (includes the military service)….

Praise & Prayer Points

Praise God for the economy has been strong so far! However a serious problem has arisen now the burden bearers mid class mostly secular Jews are tired because they have to keep two jobs to make end meet and both parents need to work ; this leaves the children in institutionalised daycares full time from as 6 months old onward. Most important also is, that they can no longer afford to buy a home.

Let us pray for balance and equality and all to share the burden to work pay taxes (Neh.4;17 ) and go into military service (Neh.4;14) Let us pray for conviction on those who refuse to submit to work , pay taxes, serve in the military,.. may they gain a sense responsibility and be blessed as they submit !



Muslim woman: Jews don’t rape us, unlike Arabs

Israel Today Staff

An Arab Muslim mother from northern Israel who is aspiring to a life in politics called out fellow Arab women on Tuesday for failing to differentiate between the Jews and Arabs with whom they are in conflict. Commenting on a Facebook event page protesting the sexual harassment and torture of female activists in Egypt, Anet Haskia said Palestinian women should take a close look and realize how humane their Jewish “enemies” really are. “We are talking about the rape of Arab women in Egypt and other Arab states, and you still try to make a connection to Israel? Jewish men do not rape Arab women and girls! It is Arab Muslim men who are raping you, so focus this campaign on them and leave Israel alone.”

Praise & Prayer Points
Praise God for this courageous woman who can see clearly . Yes very very seldom for jewish men to rape women! She is wise to direct the muslim women attention the right way !

Let us pray for her salvation ! Let us pray for the women in the muslim countries in the world to be courageous to speak out and be spared from this horrible violence. We must pray for the Christian women who are also on high risk in these muslim countries ! REDEMPTION SALVATION PROTECTION LORD WE CRY OUT TO YOU!

Egyptian Christian: Why Is The Church Ignoring Us?

Israel Today Staff

An Egyptian Christian leader living in the US is calling out the global Church, in particular the Catholic Church, for failing to champion the plight of Egypt’s

8-10 million Coptic Christians, who are living increasingly dangerous conditions. Dr. Ashraf Ramelah, director of Voice of the Copts, wrote the following open

letter to the Vatican to plead his case….( very little response came back )

Prayer Point

Wow this is a large number of people (most likely nominal) Christians left to fend for themselves!

However we must pray for these souls for the Lord to convict mightily those who are in leadership of the church leadership for not responding to their cry for help ! Lord we ask You to blow throughout Egypt with Your Holy Fire to convict of sin and to give the revelation of the Living Saviour, Redeemer! May many find You! Make a way out for them give them a place of refuge within their own country !

Signs and Wonders from the Sky

By Kad Esh Map Team

We were struck by an unusual sequence of events :

UKRAINE 13 FEB. Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Roof partially collapses under heavy snow; people fear about radiations were quickly dismissed by the authorities?

VATICAN/ROME 13 FEB. Pope resigns his position. Few hours later a strong storm starting with lightings strikes twice the very top of the Basilica of…

St. Peter!

RUSSIA 15 FEB. Meteorites explosions on Chelyabinsk and area. More then a 1000 injured. Synagogue also hit during prayer; one attendant left his seat to check about the noise; while the stained glass window blows away inward by the meteor explosion. The person who left came back to his seat and found a good size piece of glass on it . Wow that was a close one ! Ps 97 1-9 describes the entire scene perfectly !

Prayer Points

Read Ps 97:1-9 Let us pray for the people of Ukraine, Vatican/Italy , Russia, and the rest of the world that their hearts will be open to seek the living God and His ways! We ask for strong repentance from idolatry of bowing down to worthless idols! As for Israel (represented by the man who was spared and the others) as it happens were gathered in prayer in the synagogue . What a better place to be in a house of prayer in time of trouble ..HalleuYah… let the entire house of Israel forsake her idols and let her be found in prayer before the King of Kings Yeshua the Messiah!

3 Neglected Children in Petach Tikva

Arutz 7

Police found one-and-a-half year old twins and their four-year-old brother, naked and in a serious state of neglect, Sunday evening, when they responded to neighbours’ calls of crying coming from their apartment. Police took the children to Schneider Children’s Hospital and detained their mother, about 30, for questioning.

Prayer Point
This is an extreme case ok; however we are concerned for the children in Israel who are left unattended at home at a tender age (we know this to be a fact we can see this all around us) because the parents have to work full time , and can not afford to pay for after hours school care! More 900.000 children live under the poverty line. The more blessed children are those who have grandparents who are actively involved in their care and lives.

Let us pray for the children ” better the family unit of Israel “…. that the government will make a way for at least 1 parent can stay at home to care for the children and take the excessive tax burned burden off of them and spread it out! Father bless the children of Israel we ask for your protection and help for them ..raise up a standard for their well being hear our cry mobilise more workers to help and to speak for these who can not speak for themselves!


Uprooting of Vineyard Part of Unending Harassment


Chairman Avi Ro’eh of the Binyamin Regional Council called, Monday, on security services to protect Jewish residents and agriculture in the region. Reacting to the uprooting of 3,000 vines in the vineyards in the Shilo-bloc community of Meshek Achya, Ro’eh said, “Unfortunately the uprooting of the vineyard is part of ongoing harassment by Arabs in the region which is directed at residents and agriculture. “We expect the army to protect the people and agriculture, and to lead to the order and security in the region. It is unthinkable that such an action may pass without any response from the police and security forces,” he stressed !

Prayer Point

Let us pray for the Benyamin region, Samaria and Judea, this kind behaviour of uprooting vineyeards and olive groves and during the summer months setting fire to fields has been going on for a long time, and it is in the increase! On top of this also rocks throwing attacks aimed at cars have become almost a daily happening. Please Father send forth the enforcers of the law and order to put a stop of this unnecessary destruction going on … we bind the destroyer from operating in the name of Yeshua !

We thank and appreciate You all for your prayer and intercession

May You and your families be blessed in the Name of Yeshua

Kad-Esh MAP Team

For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent” Isaiah 62:1 “Por amor de Sion no callare¨ Isaias 62:1 Israel +972-52-3781553

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Shalom Beloved Prayer Warriors,

This newsletter is an encouraging one to continue to pray as we have been doing! We give Thanks and Glory to the YHVH who hears, sees, and moves on behalf of his beloved ones who trust in HIM HalleluYah! Thank You for standing on the breach with us. May His blessings overtake you!

Beer Sheeva

There was an article in the news this week about 3,000 trees which have been donated from the USA by family members who were struck via a mass killing of their innocent children (20+) at the school!  One of them who died was a Jewish child, the parents decided to donate a tree in his honour to be planted in Beer Sheeva City Park. We do not know how, but others heard of this and they all decided to do the same, which is why this large number of trees are to be planted in memory of these little ones and for the benefit of the people of Israel.
We are humbled by such a generous gesture and very very grateful!  May the Lord comfort the families and give them …beauty of ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness that they may be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified !

In another report, a Jewish boy from the USA has decided to donate all his Bar Mitzva money to benefit a Sport Team in Beer Sheeva! Wow, blessings coming from children again!

More blessings are coming to Beer Sheeva like: the change of Leadership on Local Regional Council who are favourable towards our Messianic pioneers farmers! They even allowed them to pray in private for them, after the Leaders took position! The new leadership is also looking up to them to help and lead, in expansion, international connections, and making changes in zonings, building permits, expansion and regulations which have been the most restrictive and oppressive, causing the crippling of local economy (by ultra-orthodox ). Our pioneers have also shared with the new authorities the Vision of the Return of the Anusim and they got it ! First decree was made to approve Moshavs tailored for the Anusim ! Wow what a Joy! Thank You El Shaddai! There has been also improvements and favour within the District Court towards believers. This is setting new precedents and this will also affect all the southern regions (Beer Sheeva is the Capital of the all the South, remember 55% land mass of modern Israel)!

In conclusion: THE DESERT WILL BLOOM, WATER WILL GUSH OUT, THE EXILES ANUSIM WILL RETURN AND SETTLE and I am adding, this area will become to food basket of Israel … DEFINITELY.. YES YES YES!

Come and celebrate with us, and eat of the goodness of the land!

Praise and Prayer Points

We give thanks and praises to Yah for all His blessings which He is bestowing on Beer Sheeva , lets continue to lift this city up in prayer as well.  Pray for the Worship and Prayer Tower to be established there by Kad-Esh Map Ministries. The team has been petitioning the Lord for this for a long time now. Time is at hand to secure The Place.. Kadima=Forward

Yam Ha Melach (Dead Sea), Sde Bokeq

A desolate place, but a unique one in the world! Expansion planned for a new Mega Shopping Centre has been approved to facilitate shopping for the thousands upon thousands of tourist who go through this incredible healing sea… a place of judgment “Sodom” that now is bringing forth healing. I can testify to this myself as I benefit from it personally at wintertime! … and for you who know My name the Son of Righteousness will arise with healing in His wings! It moves me to tears just to think of it. Thank You Adonai Roph’ekha , Thank You!

Great breakthrough discovery: a lady agricultural scientist , who works and lives in this area has revived and activated  two dead seeds, from two different trees that existed  more then 2000+years ago… now that is a miracle! The trees are growing well; Next desert reforestation of today, will it be with extinct revived trees?  Wow! Clap your hands all you people, clap your hands to the Lord… make a joyful noise to Him…

Praise and Prayer Point
Praise Yah for the woman who does not give up and for the healing that comes forth from a former place of Judgment! Let us pray for this Oasis of Peace, that it will be kept pristine and continue to be a place of physical healing as well spiritual healing. Let us pray for believers to be raised up to open up a house of praise, prayer, rest and healing of mind, body, soul and spirit!

Eilat the Pearl of the Red Sea

Praise and Prayer Point
Eilat will be blessed, it will stretch forth because His People have set His house of Worship and Prayer there and they do not keep silent day and night until all is established!  We are looking forward to see how things will develop! Are You? Come and rejoice with us and exalt His Name together forever, for we sought the Lord and He heard us ….sing it to the Lord with us!

Arad, Dimona, Aravah Desert, Ashkelon, Ashdod

Prayer Point
Pray for new leaders to be raised up to establish new desert cities . Also for the expansion of the existing ones mentioned above! May these cities also prosper spiritually! Anusim are coming, prepare the way…. drums rolling!

Israel National Election 22 January

Prayer Point
Most important; please pray for this coming election.  There is much inside dealing and outside dealing going on ….We believe and trust that the Lord will move the right people into key position according to His will, for the plans and purposes for the good of the people and the land! Lord unite the mind of the people with Your Will. Please Lord, Release Repentance and Restoration Revival and heal the land!


“For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent” Isaiah 62:1

Kad-Esh MAP Administration

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He That Sits In The Heavens Is Laughing!

Shalom beloved Prayer Warriors and Lovers of Israel!

Today is the 29 of November, the Historical Day when the UN decided to recognize Israel as a Jewish State in the Land of Israel in 1947. And today the Decision will be made if to recognize the Islamic, terror state of “Palestine”. The enemy is laughing and mocking the very existence of the State of Israel and thus he is mocking the God of Israel Himself.

Pray Psalm 2 and Psalm 83

This is a direct affront against the Almighty!

As Abu Mazen is right now in the UN and according to the latest news the UN is planned to say a resounding YES to the Palestinians. Their purpose is to get “observer” status in the UN so they can take Israel to the International Criminal Court for war crimes during all the wars that Israel had to fight to defend its existence.

Israel has been quite passive about all this as if there is nothing we can do to stop this move. It is not really a surprise that this is happening at this point after the “mock cease fire” imposed by Egypt and USA on Israel after Pillar of Cloud Operation in Gaza.

According to the Moslem Hudna, the best time to advance and conquer is when your enemy shows weakness.

When Israel agreed to this ridiculous, artificial and deceptive cease fire with Terror after Pillar of Cloud it showed the Palestinians that Israel is weak so it is time to attack politically, a typical Amalek Move.

Why is Israel so passive and quiet about this move? What did PM Benjamin Netanyahu promise to Obama? What did Obama promise to Israel? Quite a mystery.

Why are even nations like Australia and even UK that were going to say “no” to this move of the Palestinians to be recognized as a State have now decided to support it?

Beloved we are fast approaching Zechariah 12 where all nations come against Jerusalem. At first it is a “political move” to force Israel to relinquish its sovereignty over Jerusalem so the UN will have to get in and rule.

The issue is that YHVH promises a terrible judgment to all the nations involved in supporting the enemies of Israel.

Genesis 12:3, Zechariah 2, Joel 3, Zechariah 12 and more.

At this serious point in time it is better to be on the side of Israel and the God of Israel more than ever.

“Pray and Act for the shalom and the well being of Jerusalem, they will experience well being and prosperity those who love Israel in Action!” Paraphrased from Psalm 122:6

Pray for YHVH’s laughter to be heard loud and clear all over the UN and the world today! (Psalm 2)

In Yeshua’s name! We praise the Almighty whose promises are true and who is standing in Heaven until all of Israel is restored and Messiah Yeshua returns to Jerusalem to rule and reign all the nations from the Temple Mount with a rod of iron.

The one who laughs last is the one that count! Go ahead and blow your shofars in the nations for the deliverance of Israel from this trap, let your voices as Sons and Daughters of the King be heard loud and clear in prayer, public speaking, in writing and through every means as you join the Creator in declaring:

“For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent” Isaiah 62:1

For the King’s Glory
Bishop Dominiquae Bierman


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Posted on November 19, 2012

Shalom beloved prayer warriors and lovers of Israel!

As we enter into the sixth day of the war we can clearly see that a cease fire should not happen yet! Hamas is still too self assured even though they have suffered the loss of 48 of their terrorists and many of their buildings, even government buildings have been destroyed. Unfortunately we see that Mr. Ban Ki Moon from the UN (who is coming to Israel and Gaza today) and President Obama are trying to organize a cease fire much too soon. This morning we received information that President Obama is giving Israel 48 more hours.

Please pray that Israel will not bend to public opinion. USA has been supporting the operation thus far and we pray that they will not intervene before time. Even Turkey that is in total enmity with Israel is trying to negotiate a “cease fire” prematurely! The Moslem term for such a cease fire is HUDNA which means: “When your enemy is strong, make peace with him and when he is weak then attack and conquer”. A cease fire right now will be a HUDNA in order to allow the Hamas to rearm and to get strengthened again in order to attack when stronger. We must not allow a HUDNA! It is like a snake hiding in the darkness, ready to bite in a later stage!

Yesterday Hamas shot 140 rockets towards the Neguev, one towards Herzlya (North of Tel Aviv) and one rocket also to Eilat.

This is clearly not a behavior of a vanquished enemy that is ready for a cease fire! Pray Psalm 35 and Obadiah 15-21

Pray for one Israeli that is severely wounded and for the many that are lightly wounded and suffer from trauma, especially for the little children in the bomb shelters that they will be fearless!

The IDF is about to enter Gaza with tanks and heavy artillery however President Obama has been against it. Pray again that YHVH will stop anyone that tries to stop Israel against His will! We must remember that if we stop before time, it can cost us dearly and another war will be necessary in a few months from now. Israel has already drafted about 75000 reserve soldiers!

Last night 7 terrorists were killed and 40 were wounded. The Hamas is trying to use it in order to manipulate the United Nations to call it a “slaughter”.

The decision today is between a ground operation into Gaza and between a cease fire. A ground operation would lengthen the time of the war but to go deeper into destroying the terror infrastructures and a cease fire would cause them to recover and strike again. All the voices from the Neguev residents and leaders are crying out to the Israeli government not to stop before time! They have suffered for years of constant tension and fire from Hamas and they are begging for this operation to be THOROUGH! And we say AMEN!

We believe that better than a ground operation is to actually cut off their electricity and water that Israel has been supplying to Gaza even through the war and put the ball in the courts of Egypt Gaza’s ally to supply them with electric and water.

Miracles And Praise Reports

only 3.5% of all the rockets launched have fallen in populated places, all others have fallen in open fields! This is an outcome of all our prayers! Praise YHVH! Keep praying for more missed fire and for the Air Force to keep on hitting the terror infrastructure with no respite!

The Iron Dome has manage to intercept and prevent 300 rockets from exploding on the ground! As we pray we are forming a Spiritual Iron Dome over Israel and a Talit (Mantle) of Mercy. Please continually declare Psalm 91 over Israel

Thank you for your faithfulness to pray and let us believe for the God of Israel to show His Power and Covenant!

He will remember His covenant forever. He has made known to His people the power of His works. Psalm 111:5,6



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Pillar of Cloud 18 November 2012 Update

Pillar of Cloud 18 November 2012 Update

Shalom beloved prayer warriors and Israel lovers!

Last night was the first quiet night in the Neguev (south) of Israel, there were no sirens and falling rockets. That means that Hamas has been seriously hit. There has been 950 direct hits by the Israeli Air Force into Gaza’s terror infrastructure and 48 terrorists killed. There has been rumors of an Israeli envoy to Egypt to negotiate a peace treaty but it has not been confirmed yet.

We reiterate to keep on praying against any premature peace treaty as it will only bring another war very soon. The outcome of this operation must be complete peace and well being to the whole Neguev of Israel, that Israeli citizens will not keep living under constant rocket fire. Also pray for wisdom for the Israeli government and the IDF concerning a possible invasion into Gaza.

There was fire exchange in the Syrian border so please be praying for protection to the Northern border of Israel as well! Scriptures to pray today: Psalm 11:5 in Hebrew the word for violence in this verse is HAMAS! And Psalm 83:11-18

Blessings from Eilat, Israel

Bishop Dominiquae Bierman and Kad-Esh MAP Team

“For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent” Isaiah 62:1

Kad-Esh MAP Ministries


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The Path of the Humble


If we were truly humble, we would not be forever searching higher paths on the mountaintops. We would look in the simple places, in the practical things that need to be done.

True, these are places in a world of falsehood. If the world only had a little more light, none of this would be necessary.

But the soul that knows its place knows that the great and lofty G‑d is not found at the summit of mountains, but in the simple act of lending a hand or a comforting word in a world of falsehood and delusions.

From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman.
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Proposal: Jews, Muslims to Split Temple Mount Prayer

by Maayana Miskin – Arutz Sheva7

Foto: 3:16TV Norway

MK Aryeh Eldad (Ichud Leumi) believes he has found a way for Israel to give Jews the freedom to pray at their holiest site, while avoiding Muslim violence. Jews should be granted certain times to ascend to the Temple Mount and pray, he said.

Eldad has submitted a bill that would set aside separate prayer hours for Jews and Muslims. His proposal coincided with a U.S. report criticizing Israel for failing to grant Jews freedom of worship on the Mount.

“The Temple Mount is the holiest place to the people of Israel, the place where the First and Second Temples stood,” Eldad said. “The Temple Mount is also a holy place to Muslims, where the Al-Aqsa Mosque stands, and the Temple Mount is special to Christianity as well.”

“In order to allow freedom of worship and the right to visit the Mount, special visiting days should be established for Jews and Muslims, and hours during which the Mount will be open only to Jews or only to Muslims,” he continued.

Eldad proposed a daily division that would allow each religious group to access the Temple Mount during its usual daily prayer times. Jews have three set prayer times on weekdays, while Muslims have five.

In addition, he proposed giving each group access on its holidays. Jews would have full access on Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, the first and last days of Sukkot and Passover, Shavuot, and Tisha B’Av. He listed several Muslim holidays on which Muslims would have full access, among them Id al-Fitr, Id al-Adha, and Ashura.

When holidays overlap, he said, the day would be split between the two faiths.

Eldad’s proposal is reminiscent of the arrangement in the Tomb of the Patriarchs (Maarat Hamachpelah) in Hevron. There, the sacred hall over the burial place of the Biblical patriarchs and matriarchs is split between Jews and Muslims during the year, with members of each faith having access to half of the tombs. On select Jewish holidays, Jews have full access to the building while Muslim worshipers are barred, and on Muslim holidays, the opposite.

Muslim leaders are highly unlikely to support the initiative. The Temple Mount is currently under the control of the Muslim Waqf, and Jewish prayer is forbidden at the site year-round. Muslim leaders have often accused Israel of plotting against the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the Arab League recently warned that any perceived threat to the mosque could destabilize the entire region.


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