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Turning Jcobs Trouble Into Blessing



Recently I was confronted with a Messianic Jewish believer teaching a doctrine of destruction and judgment based around Jeremiah 30:7 known as Jacobs’s trouble.  He taught that soon the people of Israel are going to be destroyed down to only a handful or remnant.  It seems to me that his teaching was based on Scofields dispensational doctrine, which takes portions of the written word but largely ignores the Character and nature of YHVH.

It’s not just an error in Messianic/Christian belief, but also in extreme branches of Orthodox Judaism. In Israel in 2011 while in the wilderness of Zin in the Negev, I came across a group of Orthodox Jews from the USA who were praying “Against” the land of Israel. In their belief system YHVH would not set up a “land” of Israel until Messiah had come. So they felt it was their role to pray for the dismantling of the secular state of Israel. How could all these people not see the miracle of the regathered land of Israel?

How is it possible, that in the light of the miracle of the restoration of Israel happening in our times before our very eyes, that this sort of teaching even exists?  The key to unlocking the truth of scripture is not understood by some, because the heart of YHVH is not understood.

YHVH is not bound by our interpretation of his word, but he is bound by his own character and nature and this and this alone must be used in understanding scripture. Otherwise we will form strange man made doctrines. Under this thinking it could be said that the doctrines held by Mormons or Jehovah witness folk are true because they use the word of God to justify a faulty belief system. We know that these extremes are not YHVHs heart, and we mustn’t use the same form of interpretation to form our own faulty doctrines

Ezk36:22-30; makes it clear that YHVH is restoring Israel for his own names sake.  He also states I am going to clean you and deliver you from all your sins and idols, Then he says I am going to put my spirit in you and change your hearts. This is the heart of YHVH.  it is all HIS work and there is nothing of mans work in there at all. Romans 11 makes it clear that Jews have paid an enormous price so that the Gentiles can partake of salvation, but Paul goes on in Romans 11 to say that it is YHVH that will restore the Jews to their rightful place, I like to call this restoration “Resurrection glory” or as Paul puts it “Life from the dead”


Anne Frank the famous Jewish Shoah victim, who died in Auschwitz after being hidden in Holland for most of the war. In 1944 wrote: Who has afflicted us? Who has made us Jews different to all other people? Who has allowed us to suffer so terribly up till now? it is G_d that has made us as we are, but it will be G_d, too, who will raise us up again. If we bear all this suffering and if there still be Jews left, when it is all over, the Jews, instead of being doomed will be held up as an example.

Anne Frank perhaps without realizing it, was actually echoing the words of Hosea 6:1-2: Come, let us return to the Lord. He has torn us to pieces but He will heal us; he has injured us but he will bind up our wounds. After two days he will revive us; on the third day he will restore us, that we may live in his presence.

Although this scripture is most often quoted as relating to the resurrection of Yeshua, as is common with Hebrew prophecy it has a dual meaning. An examination of the text makes it clear I think. The terms “he has torn US” and “he will heal US” is plural rather than being recorded in the singular. I suggest that this represents the days of Israel since or just before Messiah Yeshua was born.

The short lived independent nation of Israel won by Judas Maccabee or in the Hebrew Y’hudhah Ha Makabi ended with the Roman invasion 150 odd years before Yeshua’s birth. 2000 years (or two days) later the restoration of Israel started with Theodore Hertzls first Zionist congress in 1897, Israel has been miraculously resurrected and now we are in the third day of both Israel and Judah. Gentiles are grafted into Israel therefore we share her joy, and Judah is restored again to the land and soon as one new man in Messiah Jew & Gentile, Israel & Judah will rejoice to see their king.

The Rabbis during and around the second world war saw the sufferings they were experiencing as a sign that “The Age of redemption” was approaching, that is the coming (or for followers of Yeshua the return of Messiah) Rabbi Levin of Warsaw, actually recorded much of the suffering as a record; he described the birth pains of Jacobs trouble as “the pains before the coming of Messiah”

Jacobs trouble is fairly easy to see in the Shoah. Any one who doubts this MUST spend a whole day reflecting at Yad Vashem Shoah memorial.

There is a time of trouble coming for the nations called the great tribulation which will of course affect Israel but this is not the time of Jacob’s trouble. Jeremiah 30:7 actually says He (Jacob) will be saved out of it.

No one can doubt that the restoration of the land of Israel is indeed the result of the birth pains of Jacob’s trouble, and the good news is that Abba says Jacob will be saved out of it. This is YHVH’s heart.

The Jewish population has not yet recovered from the day of Jacobs trouble, in 1939 there were 16,728,000 Jews; today 74 years later, The Jewish population is still only 13,085,000, however Zechariah says as a promise, “I will call for them (as a Shepherd calls his sheep) and gather them in. THEN I will redeem them and they will be as numerous as before” (Zec 10:8)

I spoke to a young British Jewish girl who didn’t want to make Aliyah because she still carried Jacob’s trouble in her heart, she felt as a Jew she was safer outside of Israel rather than all being in one place.

But is G_d rounding up the Jews so he can destroy them?.. NO NO NO!!!  He is rounding them up so he can show forth his glory in them and show them tender mercy and great loving kindness and lead them to see Messiah. The Gentiles role in all of this is to show forth the resurrection power and glory of Yeshua to such an extent that our Jewish brothers will become jealous and return. No amount of theological nonsense from the Gentiles or mis-informed Jews is going to touch the hearts of Israel.  Martin Luther made the same mistake in his word based message, which became hatred towards the Jews and ultimately led to the Shoah. Only a demonstration of the resurrection glory of Messiah will turn Jewish hearts toward Messiah.

Many teachers understanding of the Character and nature of G_d is not redemptive, rather it is restrictive and religious, the very things that made Yeshua angry. Moses was able to turn YHVH’s heart regarding the sons of Jacob when he was going to destroy them. That’s the redemptive nature of G_d. ” He is Willing that none should perish”. This is the heart of YHVH.

Psalm 102:16 says “For I will rebuild Zion and appear as its glory“. The Hebrew context here (means end or last) indicates that this promise is given for the end generation. Joel refers to the end thus: Joel 3:1 ‘In those days and at that time I will restore the fortunes of JUDAH and Jerusalem.’ There is no mention of being destroyed, the constant theme is restored. Restoration is the heart of YHVH.

Amos 9:15 says

I will again plant Israel in their own land, never again to be uprooted from the land I have given them says the LORD your G_d

Abba’s heart is to restore Israel into the glory of her Messiah and we must remember that the G_d of Israel is a supernatural G_d who lives in a supernatural place and does supernatural things.

My personal experience in talking to secular Jews in Israel and in New Zealand is that they are not interested in religious words, but they do respond to the power of the Spirit of YHVH. Many friends in Israel who love and know messiah had their encounters not through words but through the action and workings of Ruach ha Kodesh.

It is now time to see Jacob’s trouble turned into Jacobs redemption, this is the heart of YHVH and we need to say as Ezekiel said when YHVH asks us “Can these bones live?” He said “You know Lord” by saying Lord you know, that was a smart answer from Ezekiel and it would be smart of us too to yield to His heart for Israel’s redemption. As it says in Acts 3:20-21; Messiah will remain in heaven until the restoration of all things, as Bishop Bierman puts it, The restoration of all things is, the Gentiles back to their Jewish roots and the Jews back to their land and their Messiah.

The teaching that says God is rounding up the Jews to destroy all but a remnant is designed by the enemy to stop Jacob returning to the land out of fear. Abbas heart is fear not for I am with you. Jacobs trouble will become Jacobs blessing.

Ian Johnson is a prophetic revelator based in Auckland New Zealand, speaking in conferences and Churches in Australia, New Zealand and the nations. He regularly brings people from the ends of the earth and the Islands of the sea to Israel to experience for themselves the heart of YHVH for the restoration of all things. 

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Helping the Lame to Walk

In his earthly ministry, Yeshua focused on comforting and healing the disabled of Israel; Shalva wants to give that same opportunity to Yeshua’s followers today

Monday, December 03, 2012 |  Ryan Jones

121203_shalva1_bigA recurring theme of Yeshua’s earthly ministry was the comfort and healing of the disabled. He did this both as a sign for the unbelieving, and out of deep compassion for the afflicted. It is appropriate for those of Yeshua’s followers who love and support Israel to follow His example by likewise paying special attention to disabled Israelis.

Shalva, a unique Israeli organization dedicated to empowering handicapped children, has recognized this special love Christians have for the Jewish state and its people, and is reaching out for help.

Founded in 1990 by Kalman and Malki Samuels after their own son, Yossi, was struck blind, deaf and acutely hyperactive by defective vaccinations, Shalva is today “a leader in the field of disability awareness and intervention.”

Shalva boasts a wide array of programs providing care and assistance all the way from birth to age 21. But more importantly, Shalva has assembled a team that works tirelessly to create individual curricula fitting the needs of each child.

“At one-year-old, Miriam refused to eat solid food and was not gaining weight. She had a hard time participating in daily activities, at the day care and at home, and did not move around much,” Shalva speech therapist Talia Cole told Israel Today. “Miriam’s teachers and therapists met multiple times a week to brainstorm an intervention method, incorporating each of their therapeutic knowledge, to help Miriam overcome this obstacle. After months of hard work, Miriam now eats a variety of solid foods, is communicating, moving and getting chubbier by the day!”

Shalva also views as part of its mission taking some of the burden off those parents who have gone against the social grain by choosing life “despite a grim prognosis.”

“The staff at Shalva [has become] my own support system. They always are happy to see me, ask how I am doing and treat me like family,” said Dassie Corman, whose son, Ephraim, has Down syndrome.

It is a sad irony that Israel is home to such caring organizations as Shalva, while at the same time Israeli society all but expects mothers to abort children who will be born with “special needs.”

“Very few babies who are suspected of having a mental or physical disability are brought to term. In fact, 9 out of 10 babies with Down syndrome are aborted,” according to a statement released by Shalva. “Where the world would chose to terminate these lives, Shalva is an organization that celebrates these children…[in keeping with] the biblical command to regard the weak and the feeble.”

“It is very holy and very biblical to help those who are struggling or downtrodden,” Kalman Samuels told Israel Today. But as awareness in Israel (slowly) grows that disabled children also deserve life, Shalva has found itself in need of additional backing to expand its activities.

“We have hundreds of kids waiting to get into our programs who we cannot service. And there are hundreds beyond that in need of our services,” said Samuels, as he described the $46-million facility Shalva intends to build. “Insofar as the Christian community is very supportive of Israel, we believe they will also find us worthy of their support.”

Even before it has all the resources needed to operate at full capacity, Shalva is already giving back beyond its primary work with disabled Israeli children. When the McLean Bible Church in Virginia was looking to establish a similar ministry called Jill’s House, Shalva was there lend its expertise.

“Staff from McLean came to Shalva and trained alongside our professionals in order to replicate the work in their church,” said Samuels. “We visited on several occasions, they visited us, and they give us full credit for concept and training, which we provided free of charge.”

During a recent visit to Shalva’s Jerusalem center, President Shimon Peres summed up the situation well: “All those who criticize Israel should come to Shalva and witness the other side of Israel. The most noble, loving, and caring Israel. I am proud to be part of this Israel.”

To learn more about Shalva:


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Married to Mohammed – Part I

When Christian women find themselves married to Muslim men, the outcome is rarely what they were promised, and a few brave women are starting to speak out

Monday, September 03, 2012 | Elizabeth Blade –

“He introduced himself as Jamie from Italy,” said W.L. Cati, a prominent speaker and one of the leading US experts on Islamic marriages, as she recalled her initial acquaintance with her husband-to-be. “Only some time later did I learn that his real name was Muhammad and that he came from Aleppo, Syria,” she added.

Blaming her youth and naivete, Cati notes that the first deception was not enough to alert her about the dangers that would lie ahead and ultimately be recounted in her books, “Vow of Deception” and “Married to Muhammad.”

“Back in the 1980’s, I knew little about Syria and even less about Islam,” she explained. “I didn’t care where he came from. He was charismatic, spoke very good English and struck me as a reliable person who wanted a family, so I fell into the trap,” she told Israel Today.

After dating for a year, the couple got married in a mosque. “Since the ceremony was conducted in Arabic, I didn’t understand a word. Only upon leaving the place did I find out that my name was changed to Zena, and that from that moment on I was a Muslim,” she stated, admitting that she felt Christian despite the conversion.

What followed was twelve years of troublesome marriage. “My husband went into the real estate business and money started flowing. Our income went from a combined total of forty thousand dollars per year to about one hundred thousand a month,” Cati said, adding that their improved financial fortunes had a negative impact on their relationship.

“Muhammad started drinking more often,” she explained, stressing that her spouse had never been a pious man, even though he did fast during the month of Ramadan. “I sensed that he was cheating on me, but couldn’t catch him red-handed. His mother started frequenting, snooping in our domestic affairs and causing a lot of tension,” Cati recalled.

Yet, despite the difficulties, Cati opted to stay married, justifying the decision with her strong love for the man who had swept her off her feet years earlier. In 1992, however, a major change happened. “I went to visit Syria. There, in one of the mosques of Damascus, I declared myself a Muslim and decided to wear the veil ‘full time,’” Cati explained, adding that the decision to convert was dictated by her readiness to accept her husband’s religion. “That was a trap, because conversion meant that I couldn’t escape,” she continued, expaining that the abuse from her husband and his mother only escalated following her move.

According to Cati, during the years of her marriage she and her children experienced constant verbal, mental and physical abuse. Unable to take it any longer, Cati finally filed for divorce, but then changed her mind following Muhammad’s reassurances that he would change. He never did.

Seeking answers to what went wrong, Cati started questioning Islam, but said that she could find neither answers nor peace. “At some point, I realized that I had made a mistake by converting,” she said. “That’s when I decided to reject Islam and go back to Christianity. A year later, he divorced me, starting numerous battles over financial issues and our kids,” she continued.

After enduring years of a matrimonial nightmare, Cati is now counseling others on how to avoid her mistakes, but says she has no hard feelings for Muslims. “Not all of them beat their wives,” she said, concluding that domestic violence exists in every culture and religion.

This is part one of a four-part series on Christian women marrying Muslim men from the Middle East. Stay tuned for the next installment.


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