09 Jan


Shalom Beloved Prayer Warriors,

This newsletter is an encouraging one to continue to pray as we have been doing! We give Thanks and Glory to the YHVH who hears, sees, and moves on behalf of his beloved ones who trust in HIM HalleluYah! Thank You for standing on the breach with us. May His blessings overtake you!

Beer Sheeva

There was an article in the news this week about 3,000 trees which have been donated from the USA by family members who were struck via a mass killing of their innocent children (20+) at the school!  One of them who died was a Jewish child, the parents decided to donate a tree in his honour to be planted in Beer Sheeva City Park. We do not know how, but others heard of this and they all decided to do the same, which is why this large number of trees are to be planted in memory of these little ones and for the benefit of the people of Israel.
We are humbled by such a generous gesture and very very grateful!  May the Lord comfort the families and give them …beauty of ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness that they may be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified !

In another report, a Jewish boy from the USA has decided to donate all his Bar Mitzva money to benefit a Sport Team in Beer Sheeva! Wow, blessings coming from children again!

More blessings are coming to Beer Sheeva like: the change of Leadership on Local Regional Council who are favourable towards our Messianic pioneers farmers! They even allowed them to pray in private for them, after the Leaders took position! The new leadership is also looking up to them to help and lead, in expansion, international connections, and making changes in zonings, building permits, expansion and regulations which have been the most restrictive and oppressive, causing the crippling of local economy (by ultra-orthodox ). Our pioneers have also shared with the new authorities the Vision of the Return of the Anusim and they got it ! First decree was made to approve Moshavs tailored for the Anusim ! Wow what a Joy! Thank You El Shaddai! There has been also improvements and favour within the District Court towards believers. This is setting new precedents and this will also affect all the southern regions (Beer Sheeva is the Capital of the all the South, remember 55% land mass of modern Israel)!

In conclusion: THE DESERT WILL BLOOM, WATER WILL GUSH OUT, THE EXILES ANUSIM WILL RETURN AND SETTLE and I am adding, this area will become to food basket of Israel … DEFINITELY.. YES YES YES!

Come and celebrate with us, and eat of the goodness of the land!

Praise and Prayer Points

We give thanks and praises to Yah for all His blessings which He is bestowing on Beer Sheeva , lets continue to lift this city up in prayer as well.  Pray for the Worship and Prayer Tower to be established there by Kad-Esh Map Ministries. The team has been petitioning the Lord for this for a long time now. Time is at hand to secure The Place.. Kadima=Forward

Yam Ha Melach (Dead Sea), Sde Bokeq

A desolate place, but a unique one in the world! Expansion planned for a new Mega Shopping Centre has been approved to facilitate shopping for the thousands upon thousands of tourist who go through this incredible healing sea… a place of judgment “Sodom” that now is bringing forth healing. I can testify to this myself as I benefit from it personally at wintertime! … and for you who know My name the Son of Righteousness will arise with healing in His wings! It moves me to tears just to think of it. Thank You Adonai Roph’ekha , Thank You!

Great breakthrough discovery: a lady agricultural scientist , who works and lives in this area has revived and activated  two dead seeds, from two different trees that existed  more then 2000+years ago… now that is a miracle! The trees are growing well; Next desert reforestation of today, will it be with extinct revived trees?  Wow! Clap your hands all you people, clap your hands to the Lord… make a joyful noise to Him…

Praise and Prayer Point
Praise Yah for the woman who does not give up and for the healing that comes forth from a former place of Judgment! Let us pray for this Oasis of Peace, that it will be kept pristine and continue to be a place of physical healing as well spiritual healing. Let us pray for believers to be raised up to open up a house of praise, prayer, rest and healing of mind, body, soul and spirit!

Eilat the Pearl of the Red Sea

Praise and Prayer Point
Eilat will be blessed, it will stretch forth because His People have set His house of Worship and Prayer there and they do not keep silent day and night until all is established!  We are looking forward to see how things will develop! Are You? Come and rejoice with us and exalt His Name together forever, for we sought the Lord and He heard us ….sing it to the Lord with us!

Arad, Dimona, Aravah Desert, Ashkelon, Ashdod

Prayer Point
Pray for new leaders to be raised up to establish new desert cities . Also for the expansion of the existing ones mentioned above! May these cities also prosper spiritually! Anusim are coming, prepare the way…. drums rolling!

Israel National Election 22 January

Prayer Point
Most important; please pray for this coming election.  There is much inside dealing and outside dealing going on ….We believe and trust that the Lord will move the right people into key position according to His will, for the plans and purposes for the good of the people and the land! Lord unite the mind of the people with Your Will. Please Lord, Release Repentance and Restoration Revival and heal the land!


“For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent” Isaiah 62:1

Kad-Esh MAP Administration

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