Rough winter ahead for needy Israelis

21 Dec

Israeli NGO says expected harsh winter conditions will leave 1 in 10 Israelis without enough blankets or clothing to keep adequately warm

Thursday, December 20, 2012 |  Israel Today Staff

121220_needyIsrael is expected to have a cold winter with abundant rainfall, which for the water situation is good, but for needy Israelis it can spell tragedy.

The Israeli NGO Chasdei Naomi released a survey this week showing that a full 10 percent of Israelis will not have enough blankets or other materials to keep their families warm this winter.

An overwhelming 71 percent of respondents told the charity that they will not be able to afford the energy costs to adequately warm their homes during the winter months, but at least they will have enough clothing and blankets.

Energy costs in Israel are constantly on the rise, even as the average income increases at a much slower pace.

Most troubling was the revelation that six percent of Israelis will have no choice but to turn to local charities to obtain warm clothing for their children this winter.

Israel Today is involved in two programs aimed at providing warmth to Israelis during the winter months.

Click Here if you would like to bless an Israeli soldier with a winter care package that includes a winter hat and socks.

Click Here if you would like to bless needy Holocaust survivors, many of whom live below the poverty line and are among those who cannot keep warm enough during the winter.

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