The Fall of the UN

30 Nov








The Fall of the UN

Shabbat shalom dearly beloved:

138 countries officially recognized the Palestinian Authority yesterday at the headquarters of the UN in New York as an official state with “observer status”. Though not yet an official member, observer status allows the PA to drag Israel into the international court for war crimes since the inception of the Jewish State which Abu Mazen intends to do.

Abu Mazen’s speech was described by Israel PM Netanyahu as “dripping venom, full of lies and deception- not the speech of a peace partner”.

I could not help but shudder at the sight of the many delegates from the nations that gave a standing ovation to terror and hatred against the tiny Jewish State. It looked totally grotesque as the lies were so big and so obvious. I felt that with every hand clap a terrible judgment from the Almighty was being released to the “clapping nations” according to Joel 3 and Psalm 83.
Only 9 countries voted against the recognition of the terror state among them US and Canada. The Canadian ambassador insisted on speaking in favour of Israel prior to the voting.

I will bless those who bless you.
And I will curse those who curse you.
Genesis 12:3
What is going to transpire in the nations that have openly clapped their hands and welcomed the enemies of Israel reminds me when Yeshua said to those women weeping for him when He was carrying the Cross for His execution:

“Do not weep for me but weep for yourselves and for your children” Luke 23:28

Lord have mercy!

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