A Dangerous Cease Fire

26 Nov

Posted on November 25, 2012 on Israelgpm

Shalom beloved prayer warriors and lovers of Israel.

We thank all of you for your seriousness and faithfulness to pray for Israel.

Today we received a report that the young Israeli soldiers that are guarding the fence with Gaza City and Hamas have their hands totally tied! Every day since the cease fire there have been hundreds and even thousands of Palestinians and among them Hamas terrorists in uniform, gather right at the fence threatening and taunting the IDF soldiers!

Some soldiers reported anonymously that the situation is so serious, that they are not able to protect the Israeli villages around Gaza or even themselves from any kind of attack or violence.

IDF soldiers are not even allowed to shoot in the air in order to deter the Gazans from crossing the fence and infiltrating Israel! This situation is already seen by Hamas as weakness from the side of Israel and it is only a matter of time before some tragedy happens to these young soldiers or some Israeli farmer that is working the land near the fence! We are greatly concerned for their safety and we ask you to pray for them! The mockery from the side of Hamas is big.

Please pray Genesis 21:8-11

The government if Israel has signed a cease fire dictated by Mursi, the President of Egypt that completely ties Israel’s hands! In other words it is a unilateral cease fire, while the other side can bend the rules with no repercussion.

Mursi is already paying the price for his stand against Israel with this mock cease fire, the Egyptian stock exchange has dropped 10 percent and this is unprecedented and causes great financial trouble! Until Mursi’s intervention on behalf of Hamas their stock exchange had gone up 30 percent! Genesis 12:3
Pray Psalm 2 and 3

Blessings from Zion!

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