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Shalom beloved prayer warriors and lovers of Israel!

A mock cease fire agreement between Israel and Gaza was concocted politically by USA and Egypt. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was the conduit by which President Mursi of Egypt was “persuaded” to mediate or actually command this cease fire. Obama most probably threatened the brand new Egyptian president with removal of financial support unless he intervened to mediate a cease fire.
13 rockets were launched by Hamas in the Neguev AFTER the cease fire went into effect! And yet Israel is still honoring the “cease fire”! This is only giving them time to rearm! The sense of betrayal that we and many in the Neguev feel is huge!
PM Benjamin Netanyahu declared that this cease fire is the right thing to do in order to allow the Israeli citizens to go back to routine. He stated that Israel hit many targets in Gaza, decreased their arsenal of rockets substantially and seriously hurt the command chain of the Hamas. But he added that a much more drastic operation may be needed at a later stage.

Our question is when is a “later stage”? How many more rockets does the Hamas need to shoot against innocent Israeli civilians before the “later stage” comes and a MUCH more drastic operation is put in effect?

In Gaza they have been celebrating tonight their victory against the Zionists!

The only thing I pray is that Israel will get the biggest laugh at the end because He that sits in the Heavens is laughing at the vain attempt of the nations to make him look as a liar. No doubt He will have the last laugh and word on this! Pray Psalm 2

Pray for unity among the people of Israel to prevail so the more drastic operation can take place swiftly! Pray for hope into the hearts of the battered citizens of the Neguev and the IDF soldiers. Psalm 121, Isaiah 61
Pray for confidence and determination in the Israeli government to finnish what they started so that the citizens of the Neguev can celebrate their family Shabbats with peace and quiet and without rockets flying over their heads for all the years to come.


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One response to “MOCK CEASE FIRE

  1. Bee Macdonald

    22. November 2012 at 18:57

    Please forgive me. when I receive this from the SA Zionist Federation, I sent them your video on The Amalek Factor in the Gaza War. As they are probably not Yeshua believers, I pray this will not get you into trouble. May the Blood of the Lamb cover you and HaShem

    surround you with a wall of Holy Spirit fire and let no weapons forged against you prosper. Shalom and blessings, Ruth

    A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has now come into effect, thankfully bringing to a close eight days of sustained confrontation between the two sides. The SA Zionist Federation and SA Jewish Board of Deputies welcomes the end of hostilities, and sincerely commends those world statesmen particular from the United States and Egypt who were instrumental in bringing it about.

    This is not a time for apportioning blame as to who was responsible for this latest tragic episode in Israeli-Palestinian relations. Rather, our overriding feeling for now must be one of relief that people on either side are no longer dying and that calm has been restored on the Israel-Gaza border. We do not know what the future will bring, but what the events of the past few days have shown is that meaningful negotiations between the relevant parties is the only way to bring about peace.

    We hope and pray that this suspension of hostilities marks the start of a positive new era in the relationship between the people of Israel and Gaza, in which extremists are sidelined and the destiny of the region decided by those committed to bringing about the peaceful co-existence that the great majority of people on either side long for.

    Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2012 10:09:38 +0000


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