19 Nov

Posted on November 19, 2012

End of Day Six

40-50% less capability of rocket launching since the start of Operation Pillar of Cloud

Nevertheless still 116 rockets were launched today against Israel in other words even 50% of the capabilities is too much and Israel should not quit until 100% of the rocket launching capabilities are destroyed!

1350 Israeli Air Force hits against terror targets in Gaza

641 rockets have fallen in Israel since 13th of November 2012

Last 12 years 12000 rockets have been launched by Hamas against Israel, citizens at times of cease fire or peace exposing the Israeli cities around Gaza and all the Neguev to constant danger and trauma.

80 trucks of humanitarian aid have passed through Israel towards Gaza during the first 6 days of war!

Two schools In Ashkelon were hit by Hamas rockets today and praise God there were no casualties and no children at school! This is a miracle!

It is still not clear whether Israel will actually invade Gaza from the ground as well. Many reserve soldiers are waiting tensely for the decision as negotiations are taking place to establish what we consider to be a premature cease fire.

China is calling Israel to a cease fire, so does President Obama, Egyptian PM Mursi and UN chairman Ban KI Moon. Public opinion was with Israel at the start of the operation and right now is pressurizing Israel to stop. Pray that Operation will not stop before time!

Please pray that Israels coming election in January and political considerations will NOT Guide the decision whether to effectuate an importune cease fire!

Israel is communication that she is ready for a cease fire if Hamas will stop all launching of rockets that of course would be a very temporary solution if all terror infrastructures were not destroyed.

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