19 Nov

Posted on November 19, 2012

Shalom beloved prayer warriors and lovers of Israel!

As we enter into the sixth day of the war we can clearly see that a cease fire should not happen yet! Hamas is still too self assured even though they have suffered the loss of 48 of their terrorists and many of their buildings, even government buildings have been destroyed. Unfortunately we see that Mr. Ban Ki Moon from the UN (who is coming to Israel and Gaza today) and President Obama are trying to organize a cease fire much too soon. This morning we received information that President Obama is giving Israel 48 more hours.

Please pray that Israel will not bend to public opinion. USA has been supporting the operation thus far and we pray that they will not intervene before time. Even Turkey that is in total enmity with Israel is trying to negotiate a “cease fire” prematurely! The Moslem term for such a cease fire is HUDNA which means: “When your enemy is strong, make peace with him and when he is weak then attack and conquer”. A cease fire right now will be a HUDNA in order to allow the Hamas to rearm and to get strengthened again in order to attack when stronger. We must not allow a HUDNA! It is like a snake hiding in the darkness, ready to bite in a later stage!

Yesterday Hamas shot 140 rockets towards the Neguev, one towards Herzlya (North of Tel Aviv) and one rocket also to Eilat.

This is clearly not a behavior of a vanquished enemy that is ready for a cease fire! Pray Psalm 35 and Obadiah 15-21

Pray for one Israeli that is severely wounded and for the many that are lightly wounded and suffer from trauma, especially for the little children in the bomb shelters that they will be fearless!

The IDF is about to enter Gaza with tanks and heavy artillery however President Obama has been against it. Pray again that YHVH will stop anyone that tries to stop Israel against His will! We must remember that if we stop before time, it can cost us dearly and another war will be necessary in a few months from now. Israel has already drafted about 75000 reserve soldiers!

Last night 7 terrorists were killed and 40 were wounded. The Hamas is trying to use it in order to manipulate the United Nations to call it a “slaughter”.

The decision today is between a ground operation into Gaza and between a cease fire. A ground operation would lengthen the time of the war but to go deeper into destroying the terror infrastructures and a cease fire would cause them to recover and strike again. All the voices from the Neguev residents and leaders are crying out to the Israeli government not to stop before time! They have suffered for years of constant tension and fire from Hamas and they are begging for this operation to be THOROUGH! And we say AMEN!

We believe that better than a ground operation is to actually cut off their electricity and water that Israel has been supplying to Gaza even through the war and put the ball in the courts of Egypt Gaza’s ally to supply them with electric and water.

Miracles And Praise Reports

only 3.5% of all the rockets launched have fallen in populated places, all others have fallen in open fields! This is an outcome of all our prayers! Praise YHVH! Keep praying for more missed fire and for the Air Force to keep on hitting the terror infrastructure with no respite!

The Iron Dome has manage to intercept and prevent 300 rockets from exploding on the ground! As we pray we are forming a Spiritual Iron Dome over Israel and a Talit (Mantle) of Mercy. Please continually declare Psalm 91 over Israel

Thank you for your faithfulness to pray and let us believe for the God of Israel to show His Power and Covenant!

He will remember His covenant forever. He has made known to His people the power of His works. Psalm 111:5,6



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