Pillar of Cloud 18 November 2012 Update

18 Nov

Pillar of Cloud 18 November 2012 Update

Shalom beloved prayer warriors and Israel lovers!

Last night was the first quiet night in the Neguev (south) of Israel, there were no sirens and falling rockets. That means that Hamas has been seriously hit. There has been 950 direct hits by the Israeli Air Force into Gaza’s terror infrastructure and 48 terrorists killed. There has been rumors of an Israeli envoy to Egypt to negotiate a peace treaty but it has not been confirmed yet.

We reiterate to keep on praying against any premature peace treaty as it will only bring another war very soon. The outcome of this operation must be complete peace and well being to the whole Neguev of Israel, that Israeli citizens will not keep living under constant rocket fire. Also pray for wisdom for the Israeli government and the IDF concerning a possible invasion into Gaza.

There was fire exchange in the Syrian border so please be praying for protection to the Northern border of Israel as well! Scriptures to pray today: Psalm 11:5 in Hebrew the word for violence in this verse is HAMAS! And Psalm 83:11-18

Blessings from Eilat, Israel

Bishop Dominiquae Bierman and Kad-Esh MAP Team

“For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent” Isaiah 62:1

Kad-Esh MAP Ministries


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