Urgent News Bulletin; Israel is at War with Gaza

15 Nov

Shalom dearly beloved:
We are at war with Gaza and the Hamas. The Pillar of Cloud Operation has started after Hamas launched 150 Rockets against the Neguev this past week. We must pray intensely for our IDF soldiers and for all the citizens in the Neguev all the way from Gaza to Beersheva.
All studies have been suspended in the Neguev and many people are sleeping in bomb shelters tonight. People are not going to work.

Pray for a great offensive operation and a very thorough operation. That all rocket launchers and the heads of hamas are totally removed. It is high time to finnish with the terror against the Neguev.

Rockets are falling at this moment even in Ashkelon and Ashdod a few minutes from Tel-Aviv. The Head of the Hamas terror army has been hit already
And also the rocket launcher that was planned to hit Tel Aviv. Praise Yah!

Pray for winds of favor to completely crush the arm of terror from Gaza. Pray that the government and the people of Israel will be in total unity about the need of this war.

Pray that the Iron Dome would work perfectly and for a Supernatural Iron Dome will be formed by our prayers to protect all the citizens of Israel.

Egypt has already recalled her ambassador back from Israel. Be praying protection over all our borders and especially Gaza and Egypt and Eilat.

Pray Psalm 83, Psalm 121, Zechariah 2

Thank you for being faithful to pray for Israel at this time of need.
Follow the news through our “Jerusalem On Line” in our website.

“For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent” Isaiah 62:1

Bishop Dominiquae Bierman and Kad-Esh MAP Team
Kad-Esh MAP Ministries

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