Stop kicking yourself

22 Aug

Why do we kick ourselves so hard when things go wrong? Because we pat ourselves on the head when things succeed. As though success and failure are all in our hands.

Yes, we believe. We believe that it is not our talents, our brains, our good looks or hard work that brings success; that everything is in the hands of heaven. But when we walk out the door into the cold, harsh world, why is it that our beliefs lack the guts to come out with us?

It is because they haven’t gone through the first, inner door: They haven’t walked from our soul into our minds. If we would take the time to learn and to ponder, to let that deep faith of our soul sink into our minds and our hearts, then it would be more than faith—it would be vision, an attitude. It would be trust. Confidence.

Don’t just believe it is so. Come to know that it is so.

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Posted by on 22. August 2012 in Wisdom


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