„Arafat is chasing you like Jesus“

13 Jul

Thursday, July 12, 2012 | Aviel Schneider –

The latest report of the Arabian TV broadcasting station Al-Dschasira, which stated that the departed PLO boss Jassir Arafat died due to polonium toxication, added new fuel to the fire of speculations regarding Arafat’s death. And Jesus comes into the picture as well.

Everything began in October, 2004. Back then, Israel’s military intelligence service obtained information stating that Arafat’s state of health had deteriorated tremendously. Initially, Israel’s opinion was that this might be the case due to flu complications and that there was no sufficient sanitary help available because of Israel’s blockade around Ramallah (II. Intifada).

The Spanish diplomat Javier Solana, who was in charge of the European Union’s foreign policy at that time, tried to convince Israel’s government to allow Arafat’s departure to France for medical treatment. Back then, Israel’s military as well as the government were averse to it, since no one believed that his life was in real danger. “On the contrary, in Israel there were suspicions that the only reason for Arafat’s wish to leave the country was to be able to attack Israel on a political level. Israel‘s Head of the government back then, Ariel Sharon, agonized if he should follow Solana or his military staff,“ Amir Rapaport wrote in his latest report in Israel Defence.

Finally, Sharon was convinced by the comparison between Jesus and Arafat. The boss of his Head Office at that time, attorney Duby Weinglas, told Sharon about a conversation with a high-ranking politician in the Palestinian Autonomy Authority, who had told him the following: “Arafat will not live any longer than a few weeks. If he will die in the government building at Muqata in Ramallah, Israel will be held responsible for his death. Arafat’s death will chase you like the Christians, who have been chasing you for the death of Jesus for the past 2000 years.”

Ariel Sharon was afraid of this and, eventually, he gave his approval to Arafat’s departure to France. Sharon did not want to risk by Arafat’s death to evoke again the same kind of hate that Jews encounter due to the death of Jesus. In the end, he died in France, however, Israel is being held responsible for his death, nonetheless.

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