WATCH: EU-funded Palestinian TV program glorifies terrorists

13 Jun

Palestinian youth TV program sanctifies dying for the Palestinian struggle, gives special honor to 91 terrorists whose remains were recently transferred from Israel to the Palestinian Authority • TV program’s hosts: “These [martyrs] are more honored than all of us … they went beyond the sacrifice of effort and sacrificed their lives.”

Israel Hayom Staff

Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli organization that monitors and translates the Palestinian media, released a translated recording on Monday of an EU-funded Palestinian youth program that praises suicide bombers as the “most honorable martyrs” and the “greatest role models.”

 The minute-long video clip by PMW shows segments of the youth TV program, created by the Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation, which glorifies 91 terrorists whose remains were recently transferred by Israel to the Palestinian Authority.

“These [martyrs] are more honored than all of us … not only because they fought and struggled for the homeland, but because they went beyond the sacrifice [of] strength and effort, to the phase where they sacrificed their lives for the homeland,” PMW translated the TV show’s Palestinian hosts as saying.

 The Palestinian youth association is funded by the EU Humanitarian Aid Office and the London-based nongovernmental organization Save the Children, among others.


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