Gaza children taught to be martyrs in kindergarten

13 Jun

Graduation ceremony at Islamic Jihad kindergarten in Gaza includes strong incitement against Israel and play showing children imitating Palestinian prisoners being tortured by “Israeli soldiers” • Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar: While we in Israel strive for peace, our neighbors teach their children to hate Israel.

Dan Lavie and Yael Branovsky –

A recent graduation ceremony at a kindergarten run by the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in Gaza included heavy incitement against Israel, plays that imitated Palestinian prisoners being tortured in Israeli prisons and education urging children to be martyrs.

The children were dressed in uniforms, made to hold different types of guns, and condemned Israel.

“We have to educate children at the earliest stages of their lives to love the resistance, Palestine and Jerusalem so that they know what Palestine is, why it is important, and who are its enemies, and so they know what their role is in the future,” the head of the kindergarten explained

 During the ceremony, a show was put on imitating how Israel treats Palestinian prisoners in jail. Children who played prisoners were put in a wooden cage with their hands cuffed behind them, while standing next to them were children playing “Israeli soldiers” (some wearing kippahs and glasses). One child was made to play an Israeli soldier torturing a Palestinian prisoner. He was seen shoving the head of the child playing the Palestinian prisoner into a bucket of water.

The children identified with what they learned very quickly. “When I grow up I want to blow myself up among the Zionists and kill them in a suicide bombing on a bus,” one of the children said.

 Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar commented on the graduation ceremony on Tuesday, saying, “the recent graduation party in Gaza demonstrates once again that while we in Israel educate the younger generations to strive for peace, our neighbors continue to educate their children to hate Israel and seek its destruction.”


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