Big news: Gaza gets its first waitress

02 May

Wednesday, May 02, 2012 | Ryan Jones -israeltoday

In yet another sign of the repressive nature of Hamas-ruled Gazan society, a young Palestinian woman becoming a simple waitress made headlines in local media.

Ranad al-Ghozz, 24, is the first female restaurant server in Gaza in living memory, according to Ha’aretz. That sad reality is the result of an Islamist culture that sees women as unworthy or unsuited to hold regular jobs.

Al-Ghozz told local Gaza media that in her new position at the A-Salam restaurant in Gaza City she receives regular criticism from patrons, which she does her best to ignore.

While Hamas has imposed several restrictions on the rights of women in Gaza (for instance, they cannot ride bicycles or get their hair cut in public), the terror group has thus far refrained from banning women in the workplace.

There are many women working in the public sector in Gaza, particularly in the public health ministry, but social pressure denies them access to any jobs traditionally deemed to be the domain of men.

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