Internet evangelism in Israel picks up steam

30 Mar

We first wrote about One For Israel last summer, highlighting the unique work of a small group of Israeli Messianic Jews to reach their countrymen with the message of Yeshua (Jesus) via the Internet.

Eitan, the founder of One For Israel, contacted Israel Today to report that 2010 had seen “some interesting statistics and encourging stories,” and that the group is planning some dynamic additions for the coming year.

One For Israel’s primary agenda is to encourage fellow believers abroad to donate just $1 a month which is then used to purchase online advertising pointing to one of the group’s four evangelism websites.

During the first two weeks of December 2010, for example, One For Israel was able to spend $650 on Facebook advertising, which sent nearly 4,500 Israelis to their websites. In other words, explained Eitan, “for every $1 donation more than 6 Israelis were exposed to the truth!”

The most popular of the group’s websites is, a website geared more toward average “secular” Israelis looking for something deeper out of life. It couples well with another of their websites,, a site that features a whole library of video testimonials and teachings. targets those Israelis with a more Orthodox Jewish background, and a fourth website whose URL is written in Hebrew allows visitors to either download or order a print copy of the New Testament, for free.

Eitan and the group insist that this is a prime avenue for reaching Israelis with the Gospel, noting that Israelis on average spend about twice as much time on the Internet as Americans. And many of them are searching for God, as evidenced by the fact that every month Israelis search (in Hebrew):

  • 56,000 times for the term “messiah”;
  • 12,500 times for “Yeshua”;
  • 42,000 times for the term “god”;
  • 10,000 times for the term “redemption”; and
  • 2,200 times for the term “New Testament”

Those who find the One For Israel websites are exposed to very high quality content that very effectively explains faith in Yeshua and what it means for Jews. Some have developed such a deep relationship with the Lord and with the One For Israel staff that they felt the need to provide their testimonies.

One young man identified as “Y” (their true names are concealed for their safety) contacted the One For Israel team after returning from a period in the US. Together, they had long and deep conversations about Yeshua and the redemption he offers. When “Y” left to return to the US, the One For Israel teams prayed he would not lose that hunger, and their prayers were answered. Since being in the US, “Y” has called long-distance several times to continue their conversations.

Another young woman identified as “N” spent months in a long email correspondence with the One For Israel team before suddenly agreeing to meet in person. The reason for the change was that her seeking had paid off, and she revealed to One For Israel that Yeshua had appeared to her one night in a dream, ending all doubt on her behalf.

There are many more testimonies like these, and other promising statistics, such as the fact that Israelis download about three copies of the New Testament in digital format and order at least one print copy of the New Testament every day from One For Israel’s New Testament website.


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