Gaza ceasefire crumbles as missiles hit southern Israel

15 Mar

Three Grad-type missiles fired at Beersheva, local schools closed; Israel responds with targeted strikes in Gaza; ex-IDF general says ground incursion necessary

Thursday, March 15, 2012 | Ryan Jones – israeltoday

Children across southern Israel on Thursday were once again spending the day in or near bomb shelters instead of at school as Gaza-based Palestinian terrorists resumed their indescriminate rocket fire on the region.

Israel and the Gaza terror groups had settled into an uneasy ceasefire two days earlier, but by Wednesday afternoon, the residents of Netivot and the “southern capital” of Beersheva were again under attack.

One Grad-type missile was intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system, but two more slammed into Beersheva, leading local authorities to deem it too dangerous for children to attend school. Earlier this week, a missile fired by Palestinian groups landed in a Beersheva school playground, spraying the area with deadly shrapnel. Fortunately, school had also been cancelled that day.

Israel responded to the resumption of rocket fire by targeting terrorist installations across Gaza in pinpoint aerial strikes.

Retired general Tzvi Fogel, former head of Israel’s Southern Command, told Israel National News what most Israelis already know, that any ceasefire is ultimately not going to last and the only way to end the threat is to enter Gaza in force.

Fogel explained that in addition to wanting to harm Israel, the various terror groups operating in Gaza are in conflict with one another for control of the coastal strip. And each group sees great value in dragging Israel into their infighting in order to weaken the others and paint themselves as valiant fighters against the Zionist enemy.

Explained Fogel: “Today everyone understands that unless we initiate a determined and courageous operation designed to dismantle the weapons and the threat from Gaza, we will not solve the problem.”


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