‘Downtrodden’ Palestinians love their cellphones

07 Mar

Survey showing high cellphone use is further evidence that claims of oppression and destitution by Palestinians and their supporters are false

Tuesday, March 06, 2012 | Ryan Jones – israeltoday


As the Christ at the Checkpoint conference gets underway in Bethlehem, efforts to paint the Palestinian Arabs as downtrodden equivalents of Jesus himself suffering at the hands of a sinful Israel are at a peak.

And yet, despite allegedly being the most pitiable of people on the planet, the Palestinians seem to enjoy many of the same modern comforts as the rest of us. Like cell phones, which, in spite of their widespread usage worldwide, are still a luxury in many places.

A survey conducted recently on behalf of the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion revealed that 90.6 percent of Palestinians are cellphone users, well above the global average of 79.9 percent and on par with the Palestinians’ friends in Egypt and Iran.

Similarly, only 20 percent of respondents said they have no access to the Internet, again putting the Palestinians on par with or above the average for Internet usage in the developed world.

Again, cellphone and Internet usage are high in this part of the Middle East, but it is by no means cheap. That the vast majority of Palestinians, like Israelis, can afford these luxuries is further evidence against claims of oppression and destitution.

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