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28 Feb

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Shalom ,

Jerusalem’s Narkis Street Baptist Church Vandalized by Extremists

Last Monday, Pastor Chuck Kopp of Jerusalem’s Narkis Street Baptist
Church discovered graffiti on the outer walls of the church including
phrases such as “Death to Christianity” and “Jesus, son of a whore.”

Narkis Street Baptist Church: From right to left, the graffiti reads “Yeshu
son of a whore,” “Price Tag,” and “We will crucify you.” The term
“Yeshu” is a derogatory term for Yeshua.

Three vehicles parked near the church also had their tires slashed.

One of the three cars with four tires slashed: the graffiti reads “Yeshu,
son of a whore.”

This is not the first time the church was attacked.

In 2007, the church building sustained damaged when arsonists set fire
to it, and in 1982, a Molotov cocktail burned it to the ground.

Three weeks prior to the attack on the church, similar graffiti was
spray-painted on a Greek Orthodox monastery in the Valley of the
Cross, not far away.

These are the acts of a small number of extremists.

“While the majority of Jews wouldn’t stand for these extremist actions,
there are segments that are substantial that tip the scales in the favor of
They aid and abet, give psychological comfort,” Kopp said.

Southern Baptist Convention Main Office and home to three congregations:
Narkis Street Congregation (Chuck Kopp, Pastor), Jerusalem Baptist Church
(Al Nucciaro, Pastor), and Even Israel (Nikolay Lemeshkin, Pastor).

Hana Bendcowsky, program director for the Jerusalem Center for
Jewish-Christian Relations (JCJCR), agreed.

“I don’t think a majority would engage in such a vandalistic act, but it is
a manifestation of anti-Christian feeling in Israeli society,” she told The
Media Line

“The main problem is ignorance, a lot of stereotypes, and the history of
Jewish-Christian relationships in Europe that influence the attitude of
Israelis toward local Christians.”

Snow in Israel has brought some relief to the drought in Israel.

Drought Relief: Snow in Israel

Israelis are rejoicing over the recent season of wet weather, including
snow in several areas and dozens of centimeters of rain since the start
of the year.

The Israel Meteorological Service reported on February 19th that
20-25 centimeters of snow fell in the northern Golan Heights, along
with several centimeters in Hebron and Gush Etzion in Judea.

About 14-18 centimeters of rain fell in the North, raising the level of the
Sea of Galilee to 212.67 meters below sea level. Heavy rains were also
seen in many areas of the center and northern Negev regions.

Water Authority officials encouraged the public not to become
complacent about water use, reminding citizens that though the recent
precipitation has been significant, Israel is still in the midst of a severe drought.

please continue to pray for rain in Israel.

A child’s bloodied shoe inside a shopping mall in southern Israel after a
missile was fired into Israel by Palestinian militants inside the Gaza Strip.

Rockets Rain Down on Israel

A large number of rockets continue to be fired into Israel from the
Gaza Strip,
as well as attacks against Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops
along the border that include Improvised Explosive Devices bearing
unmistakable markings from Iran.

These attacks have prompted the IDF to call for a large-scale ground
operation into the Strip since retaliatory air strikes have not put an end
to the attacks.

Please pray for the citizens of Israel, as they live in the only democracy
in the Middle East and are forced to live daily with the threat of terrorist
attacks. Furthermore, in addition to the missiles that are constantly
being fired from Gaza and Lebanon, and the nuclear threat from Iran is rising.

A Hamas rocket devastates an Israeli vehicle: Hamas continues to escalate
its attacks against Israel.

click here to stand with Israel today

Beating the Drums of War

Last week, two Iranian warships sailed into the Mediterranean Sea,
passing through the Suez Canal.

It was the latest indication that Egypt’s new government is not opposed
to Iran’s strategy for regional dominance.

The Iranian ships docked in the Syrian port of Tartus in a demonstration
of support for Syria’s President Bashar Assad, who continues his
vicious military assault on Syrian civilians.

An Iranian official triumphantly declared that the two ship flotilla would
show “the might” of the Islamic Republic to regional countries,
also conveying Tehran’s “message of peace and friendship.”

An Israeli air force pilot, speaking to the author on condition of
anonymity, said in mock seriousness that it “might take me as long as
20 minutes” to destroy the obsolete Iranian ships if they approached the
Israeli coast.

The pilot added, again in a mock serious tone, “I just hope they don’t try
it in the middle of my favorite TV show.”

Billboard with portrait of Assad and the text Allah protects Syria on the
old city wall of Damascus 2006.

Isaiah’s Prophecy against Damascus, Syria could soon be Fulfilled

In Syria, civilian casualties are mounting in the 2011-2012 Syrian
. Although the figures for the number killed cannot be
independently confirmed, some have estimated the death toll to be in
the vicinity of 9000.

In response to the anti-government protests, President Assad has
indiscriminately shelled his own people, surrounded entire cities with
tanks depriving the residents of food, water, and medicine, and shot his
own countrymen in cold blood.

A demonstration in the city of Banyas, Syria at the April 2011 “Friday of Rage.”

The West has not yet stepped in to arm anti-Assad forces for fear that if
Assad is toppled, Syria will be plunged into a full-scale civil war and a
power vacuum will emerge providing Iran with the opportunity to spread
its influence.

Syria’s foremost ally is Iran, which has determined to destroy Israel, and
is likely creating nuclear weapons for that purpose.

Because of mounting death toll, however, Western governments are now
cautiously considering aiding the Syrian people by sending in their
troops as they did in Iraq.

The demise of Damascus, the capital of Syria, is clearly prophesied in the Bible:

A Prophecy Against Damascus

“See, Damascus will no longer be a city
but will become a heap of ruins.” (Isaiah 17:1)

Since Damascus still stands as a city, we know that this Prophecy has yet to be fulfilled.

The city of Damascus is a one hour drive by car to the northern border
of Israel and only a few minutes away by Air Force Jet Bomber.

Please pray for Israel’s citizens on the northern border. Many family members
of our Israel Ministry Staff live there.

If the Lord leads you, click here to stand with our ministry staff in Israel

A street in Damascus

Iran Ramps up Nuclear Capabilities

Of greater concern to Israel than Iran’s warships are Iran’s nuclear
intentions, which were recently investigated by the UN’s International
Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Because Iran did not fully co-operate with the IAEA, the agency was
unable to conclude that all nuclear material in Iran is for peaceful activities.

The inspectors were prevented from visiting a military location at Parchin.

Experiments at Parchin would only be relevant to mastering the
detonation system of nuclear weapons.

Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office released a statement on Saturday saying
that the IAEA report “served as further proof that Israel’s estimates are accurate.”

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu

“Iran is continuing its nuclear program uninterrupted. It is enriching
uranium to levels higher than 20 percent, in blatant disregard to the
demands of the international community,” Israeli Prime Minister
Netanyahu’s statement said.

Military action by Israel, the US, British and French forces is
probably inevitable in the not too distant future.

Today’s headlines around the world read:
“United Kingdom has Drawn up Battle Plan for War With Iran.”

We know that there will only be shalom (peace) when the Prince of Peace,
Yeshua, returns to Jerusalem.

Yeshua (Jesus) answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will
come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. You
will hear of wars and rumors of wars, such things must happen… but the end
is still to come.” (Matthew 24:4-6)

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