Israel Today readers bless Israeli soldiers

23 Feb

Thursday, February 23, 2012 | Israel Today Staff

We are happy to report that last Tuesday members of the Israel Today staff used the kind donations of our readers to bring a smile to the faces of hundreds of on-duty Israeli soldiers.

Hauling lovingly-packed gift bags including vouchers for local coffee shops, our staff arrived at the Zeelim base in southern Israel where reservists with the IDF’s Armored Brigade were holding training maneuvers.

Every year, these men must leave their wives, children and friends for several weeks to make sure they remain prepared to defend Israel against her many enemies. For them to be stopped in the middle of their exercises in order to receive gifts from people living on different continents has a personal impact that is difficult to describe.

Because of you, these brave men now know that when they train for and go into battle, they do not go alone. There are people around the world thinking of and praying for them, people who care enough to demonstrate their support.

On Purim (March 8), we will travel to more army bases to bless many more soldiers. How many we are able to reach is up to you.

We urge all our readers to continue providing this tangible blessing to Israel’s soldiers. By doing so, you let them know they are not alone.

CLICK HERE to buy a coffee break for an Israeli soldier!

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