Weekly Israel Update – where does the Arab Spring leave Israel?

09 Feb

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It’s rare for either our worst fears or our fondest hopes to be realized.

This sentiment certainly seems to be true regarding the recent anniversary
of the beginning of Egypt’s revolution
, known as the ‘Arab Spring’ and the
‘Tahrir Square’ demonstrations.

This protester in Egypt’s Tahrir Square is holding army bullets and
standing in front of a burning army vehicle.

The anniversary of the Tahrir Square demonstrations in Egypt provides us
occasion to take stock of the events of the last year and compare people’s
hopes and fears to what actually occurred.

Our best hopes were that the Egyptians would embrace a true democratic
system, and that Egypt would become the Middles East’s second
democracy, with the Egyptians joyously free of tyranny.

Our worst fears were that the Arab Spring would spiral the Middle East into
chaos and war, with the common person even more oppressed than before
the revolution.

Tahrir Square: Turning Point

Egypt has long been the political and cultural center of gravity in the
Arab world.

Tahrir Square on February 8, 2011: While over a million poured into Tahrir
Square to demand the removal of Mubarak, many others around the country
were simultaneously demanding the same thing. It wasn’t unanimous,
however. Many Egyptians, including Coptic Christians, believed that
Mubarak stepping down would result in the rise of Islamist power, and a
deteriorating situation for non-Muslims.

So the revolt against Egypt’s president Hosni Mubarak last year was a
major turning point in the history of the entire region.

The speed with which the revolution in Tahrir Square succeeded in driving
Mubarak from power was remarkably short—a mere 18 days.

This made the oppressed populations in many other Arab countries of the
Middle East and North Africa think they could also get rid of their dictators
in a hurry, giving their children hope for a better future.

Just like everything else in life, timing is everything; including revolutions
against tyrants.

Sadly, the hope that many had for the birth of true democracy in
these Arab countries turned to despair.

Hosni Mubarak, deposed Egyptian president

Dictators in other countries, including Libya, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain took
one look at the TV images of Mubarak in court
, being charged with crimes
during the riots which accompanied the revolt against him, and decided to
fight to the death
(literally in the case of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi)
to keep the same thing from happening to them.

But there was an even nastier surprise in store for the Egyptian young
people who had rallied in Tahrir Square to depose President Mubarak and
replace him with a civilian government.

While the elections that protesters demanded to replace Mubarak’s regime
were indeed held, it wasn’t the liberal secular youth of Tahrir who reaped
the benefits
, but the Muslim Brotherhood and the even more extremist
Salafi al-Nour parties

Islamist win majority in Egypt’s elections:
Egypt’s Democratic Alliance (45 %) is led
by the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), an
Islamist political party with strong links
to the Muslim Brotherhood
. The
Islamist Bloc (25 %) is led by the Al-Nour
, an ultra-conservative Islamist party
maintaining a strict version of Islam. This
party believes Islamic Sharia principles
should be the main source of legislation
in Egypt

These extremist groups had something that the secular youth didn’t have
—organization, which is absolutely indispensable to winning elections.

To win an election, it’s not enough to have principles, ideals, or even
convictions. It’s essential to have a way of communicating with a whole lot
of other people who share similar convictions, and a way to get them all
moving in the same direction, following the same plan.

The Islamic fundamentalists had that; their secular competition did not.

The Muslim Brotherhood won over 40% of the seats in the lower house of
parliament and the Salafi al-Nour won a bit more than 20%, surprising
everyone, probably including themselves.

The Brotherhood’s main goal is to instill their interpretation of Islamic
teaching from the Quran as the only reference point for guiding the life of the
Muslim individual, family, community, and Islamic state.

Islamist fundamental parties have also won elections in Morocco and Tunisia.

Syrian uprising, April 2011

In several other countries in the region, especially Jordan and among the
Palestinians, momentum appears to be building for a further Islamic
radicalization of the political, social, cultural and military sectors.

Where does this leave Israel?

In regards to Egypt, it’s possible that the new Islamist dominated
government won’t honor the peace treaty that Egyptian president Anwar
Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin signed in 1979 at the
White House.

Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin

The reaction that the Brotherhood had to Sadat’s signing at the time may be
an indication of the Brotherhood’s intention to dishonor the treaty. Two
years after Sadat signed the treaty, he was assassinated for a variety of
grievances, with the peace treaty at the top of the list.

It wasn’t the first time the Brotherhood had quarreled with the secular leader
of Egypt. But it was the most dramatic demonstration of the Brotherhood’s
anger and contempt for an Egyptian leader who had made peace with the
Jewish State

Partly because of the assassination, the Brotherhood was outlawed in Egypt,
but nonetheless continued to operate clandestinely for decades, which is why
they were ready for the elections in the closing months of 2011.

The Salafist Muslims, which are ideologically related to the Wahabi Muslim
cleric faction in Saudi Arabia, came out of nowhere, eating into the
Brotherhood’s right side and setting up a possible clash in the future.

But officials from both Islamist factions, despite their many theological,
political and cultural differences agree on one thing—Israel is their enemy!

Jewish men praying at the Western (Wailing) Wall

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Open Conflict with Israel: A Democratic Choice?

Egyptian officials have issued conflicting statements about whether they will
honor the peace treaty with Israel,
while a consensus is growing to put the
treaty to a referendum, or popular vote.

There is no doubt that if a vote occurs, the treaty would be terminated as it
is deeply unpopular amongst Egyptians who feel the peace treaty with the
Jewish State was a humiliation.

This would allow the Brotherhood-dominated parliament to turn to the US
and EU and say in all honesty that by dumping the treaty and returning to a
situation of open conflict with the Jewish State, they are simply doing the
will of the people who democratically elected them

Israel is a tiny country surrounded by a sea of hostile neighbors.

Prophecy Fulfilled: the Current State of the Sinai Peninsula

Of more immediate concern to Israeli security officials is the status of the
Sinai Peninsula, the large piece of real estate to Israel’s southwest.

Whether by design or bad luck, the Sinai has been largely taken over by
criminal gangs, Bedouin smugglers and a growing presence of terrorist
groups, including groups affiliated with Al Qaida.

These groups have already smuggled vast amounts of weaponry, ammunition
and other military supplies into the Gaza Strip
, including sophisticated
anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles stolen from abandoned military supply
depots in Libya after the fall of Gadaffi’s government.

Every day, Israeli citizens must cope with the potential threat of rocket
fire from the Gaza Strip.
In 2011, Hamas fired 627 rockets and mortars
from Gaza into Israel. In order to ensure security for all Israeli civilians, the
IDF sends Emergency Situations Instructors to day schools, instructing
children how to protect themselves in case of emergency.

When combined with the consolidation of power by the Islamist AKP
(Justice and Development Party) government in Turkey, the threat of a
Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Jordan, the heavy presence of Muslim
Brotherhood elements in the groups fighting against Syrian
dictator Bashar
Assad and the Hezbollah dominance of Lebanon, it is easy to look at the
map and see that the Gog-Magog scenario prophesied about in
Ezekiel 38-39 is beginning to take shape

China and Russia are standing with Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, and
these countries are also considered by some to be Gog and Magog.

You will come from your place in the far north, you and many nations with
you, all of them riding on horses, a great horde, a mighty army. You will
advance against my people Israel like a cloud that covers the land
. In days
to come, Gog, I will bring you against my land, so that the nations may know
me when I am proved holy through you before their eyes.’” (Ezekiel 38: 15-16)

We can see from these chapters that though these nations intend to destroy
Israel, God is actually drawing them for His own purposes, so that Israel
and the nations will know the glory of His name.

Although Iran was the first Muslim-majority country to
recognize Israel
, after the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini,
Iran withdrew that recognition. The above photo shows
better days, when Iranian minister Reza Saffinia visited
the home of Israeli president Chaim Weizmann in 1950

How things are quickly speeding up in these end times. Just over 30 years
ago, Egypt and Iran had secular leaders, and great relationships with Israel.

Under the Shaw, who was friendly towards Israel, thousands of Israelis
worked in Iran building infrastructure and collaborating on a joint military project .

Today, these nations are ruled by Islamic fundamentalists who want to
destroy Israel—a dark cloud is on the horizon.

As for all nations including Israel, the only hope is in the Messiah, Yeshua
of Nazareth.


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